Literally me

Getting my very first (digital) piano

After a couple of months learning piano, I’ve decided to have a piano at home, for practicing. In fact, having one is a good reason to inspire me to practice more. From now on, I start to rehearsal at least 30 mins a day and record the process. Down the road, maybe I will want to watch how I am bad at the beginning.

After rushing into tons of reviews on the Internet and from my teacher as well. I decided to purchase a piano from Roland. At first, I wanted to get a good one to play for… good, so I was kind of bias to get the most modern and expensive that I can afford. Later, I realise that it’s only the tool, and the one who plays decides the outcome. By thinking so, I have freed my mind and broaden the list, and RP302 is the chosen one, the cheapest one. Its key action is heavier a bit than the others in the list and perfect for me to strengthen my fingers.

In terms of learning progress, I feel relax when playing pieces (at my level, of course). Difficult ones are more intriguing. After practising alot, I find out the good way for me to play better is try to play completely the rythm (at least a sentence), then I can feel how the melody goes and from then on, everything will be easier.

Besides, I should strengthen my fingers for a better sound, the speed and the accuracy (yes, lot of things to improve) as well. Not mention that, my posture while playing is so ugly. Still a long way to go.